Our Sneaky Peru trip aims to get you immersed in the Peruvian Culture as you enjoy day hikes. It's a trip designed for people who love the outdoors, culture and archeology but long for a hot shower and a very comfortable bed at the end of a physically active day. Our day hikes offer life-changing experiences, full of discoveries of llama farms, alpacas, colorful farmers markets, and Andean communities.


Day 1: Arrive in Cusco and experience a short walking tour

Cusco, known as the home and residence of gods and the spiritual and political capital of the Incan Empire is a city built in the shape of a puma that can only be seen from the air. You will walk through Incan streets that are illuminated by the sun every winter solstice, and experience some of the most important Incan and Spanish religious sites, such as Qorikancha, also known as the Golden Enclosure, which displays a sophisticated stone construction technology, and Cusco Cathedral, which is still in use today and contains an art gallery consisting of 17th-century canvasses in the Cusco School of painting, with a special highlight consisting of "The Last Supper" featuring a guinea pig.

Lunch and dinner on your own.
Accommodations in Cusco City at 11,000 ft./3,400 m.
Hotel Casa Andina standard or similar.

Day 2: Tipon, Vinocanchon famers market & Sacsayhuaman

We start our day by going up to Tipon, a masterpiece of water management and a ceremonial place dedicated to the womb of mother earth. Because the waterworks were constructed as part of a country estate for Incan nobility, Tipon has beautiful stone structures built in the imperial Incan style of finely cut stone fountains and is akin to those at Machu Picchu. The intricate baths and irrigation channels still function five centuries after the Spanish conquest, which provides Tipon with an endless, soothing soundtrack of running water. After lunch we will explore Sacsayhuaman by foot, an Incan fortress 400 ft./120m above the city of Cusco. The site was built with massive boulders, some of which weigh more than 100 tons. Interestingly, the Spaniards did not believe that such monolithic stones could be moved by human beings and they attributed Sacsayhuaman's construction to the mythical Cyclops. Thus, this type of architecture is known as the "Cyclopean Inca style".

Lunch included.
Dinner at your own expense.
Accommodations in Cusco City at 11,000 ft./3,400 m
Hotel Casa Andina standard or similar.

Day 3: Trek to Huchuy Qosqo

On this day a scenic drive will take us to the community of Patabamba where we will begin our hike along farm fields heading towards Sihuas at 13,110 ft./3,990 m. Sihuas has a unique landscape of farming terraces that are still in use today by the locals. From there, we will ascend to the highest pass, Pukamarca at 13,320ft./4,060mt. We will descend into a small canyon that opens onto a small plateau where Huchuy Qosqo, which means "Little Cusco" is located. This site overlooks the Sacred Valley and is across from the Urubamba range. The site was built because the 8th Inca King Wiracocha became the first king to abdicate his reign due to his own failure in defeating the Chankas' attempt to take the city of Cusco. Once his son Pachacutec started his reign Wiracocha was placed into retired seclusion. After a well-earned rest at the site we descent down to the Sacred Valley.

Box lunch and dinner included.
Accommodations in the Sacred Valley at 9,500 ft./2,900 m.
Standard hotel.
Distance of hike 7.5 miles/12 km.

Day 4: Sutuncocha hike and weaving presentation in Accha Alta community

Our coach will switch back up to the Sapacto community for a hike across the high Andes and along the shores of high-altitude lakes surrounded by swamps, where llamas and alpacas graze. This geography also houses various types of high Andean birds. From the pass at 14,400 ft./4,390m we will enjoy the fabled mountains known as Sahusiray and Pitusiray. At 5,900 m/19,400 ft., these are the highest peaks in the Urubamba range. After lunch will have an interaction with and enjoy a presentation by the weavers of the community of Accha Alta. Nestled on a steep mountain slope close to the ruins of Ancasmarca, this is an ancient Incan citadel with an extraordinary view. An expert weaver will introduce to us the villagers that knit and weave in natural Alpaca wool. Their textiles are characterized by thin sections of plain weave and wide ley (supplementary warp technique) designs. One of the most popular ley designs is wasqa qocha, or long lakes. Knitters in Accha Alta use a unique technique called bolitas to create diamond patterns in small bobbles. Before starting their chullo, a knitter ties thousands of small knots into their yarn, which as they knit turn into the decorative bobbles on the outside of the chullo.

Box lunch and dinner included.
Accommodations in the Sacred Valley at 9,500 ft./2,900 m.
Standard hotel.
Distance of trek 3 miles/5 km.

Day 5: Rafting along the Urubamba River & Ollantaytambo Pink granite Sun Temple

Rafting along the Urubamba river, especially the Ollantaytambo section, is one of the most picturesque ways to see the Sacred Valley. We will run exciting class III rapids. Next we'll walk through the marvels of a superbly preserved Incan town named in honor of an Incan warrior called Ollantay, who was deeply in love with Kusi Qoyllur, the forbidden and "high maintenance" daughter of King Inka Pachacutec. Here we'll witness an exquisite example of Incan stonework: the unique Sun Temple made out of pink granite boulders each weighing 50 tons. During the years of the Spanish conquest, Manco Inka defeated the Spaniards several times in this town, which illustrates a fine example of how Inca towns were laid out for safety and defense.

Lunch and dinner included.
Accommodations in the Sacred Valley at 9,500 ft./2,900 m.
Standard hotel.

Day 6: Trek across Halancoma and Wajratanca

Enjoy one of the most geographically exhilarating hiking days as we climb up to the pass of Wajratanca at 15,370 ft./4,680 m. Here you will have the option to climb up to 15,700 ft./4,800 m so as to enjoy a royal view over the Cordillera Urubamba which makes up for all the efforts of each step. We will descend along the Tastayoc Valley through communities where locals still dress in colorful, traditional clothing.

Box lunch and dinner included.
Accommodations in the Sacred Valley at 9,500 ft./2,900 m.
Standard hotel.
Distance of trek 5.8 miles/ 9km.

Day 7: Trek along the classic Inca trail to Machu Picchu

The train we will take this day follows the dramatic Urubamba River with its striking scenery of white granite cliffs cloaked by the cloud forest which is full of thousands of orchids, ferns and bromeliads. The cloud forest features prevalent views along the trail and touches the towering mountains. We will pass through the exceptional ruins of Wiñay Wayna and through the Sun Gate Pass at 2,750 m/9,000 ft. This is truly one of the world's most thrilling viewpoints and the only way to see Machu Picchu in its full glory. You will have a chance to linger and enjoy the sunset until the park rangers close the park to visitors.

Box lunch and dinner included.
Accommodations in Machu Picchu, at 6,700 ft./2,042.
Standard hotel.
Distance of trek 7.4 miles/12 km.

Day 8: Morning in Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is the only major Incan site to escape 400 years of looting and destruction by the Spanish conquistadors. To be sure, it is not an ordinary Incan settlement; it sits on a nearly inaccessible location high above the Urubamba gorge and contains exquisite engineering and architecture. Was it a spiritual destination and pilgrimage center located within a sacred geography? Or perhaps a royal retreat for the king, Inka Pachacutec? Or maybe the biggest or the first agricultural research center built by the Incans? Whatever its purpose may have been, you will have a chance to explore every corner of the majestic Machu Picchu. In the afternoon we will return by train.

Lunch and dinner at your own expense.
Accommodations in Cusco City at 11,000 ft./3,400 m.
Hotel Casa Andina standard or similar.

Day 9: Depart for home or choose to extend your trip

Depending on the time of your international flight departure, there will be a chance in the morning for shopping, or you'll take an afternoon flight to Lima for your international connection. You may also choose to take advantage of one of our optional post-trip extensions at this point.

Lunch and dinner on your own otherwise.


  • Moderate trekking due to high altitude.
  • You must be moderately fit with some experience.
  • Day hikes from a hotel based in the sacred valley.
  • 2 sightseeing days with some hiking in Cusco.
  • 4 days of hiking.
  • Couple of hours of beginners' rafting along the Urubamba River with class II and III rapids.
  • 1 day to explore Machu Picchu and the option to climb Waynapicchu.
  • Highest point on the trip at 4,680 m/15,370 ft. Done twice.
  • Average altitude for sleeping of 9,500 ft./2,900 m.
  • Approximately 5 to 6 hours of hiking each day.
  • 24 miles/39 km total distance of hiking.
  • Physical preparation prior to the trip is highly suggested for endurance.


    For the day hikes you will be based in the Sacred Valley. From there you will leave for each hike.

  • Based on double occupancy.
  • Single supplement upon request.
  • 8 nights of hotels with breakfast included and the option to upgrade.
  • Option to specify bed preference.


    Per person in double occupancy.
    $ 1,630 US 6 People to +
    $ 1,865 US 4 People to +
    $ 2,100 US 3 People.
    $ 2,575 US 2 People.

    $ 252 US Single suplement
    Ask for our group quotes

    Included with price

  • 8 nights in hotels with breakfast included.
  • All meals as indicated above on the itinerary.
  • Luggage transfer from hotel to hotel with no weight limitation.
  • All land transportation for listed activities.
  • Arrival and departure transfers, within Cusco.
  • Tourism train ticket.
  • Experienced trip leader fluent in English.
  • All entrance fees for listed activities.
  • Full support in booking your own domestic and international flights.
  • One-day Inka trail permit.
  • Not included with the price

  • Travel Insurance of your choice, MANDATORY.
  • International and domestic flight.
  • Meal that are not included above on the itinerary.
  • Single room.
  • Tips for tour guide and drivers.
  • Bar bills, laundry, others.
  • Visas or vaccinations.


    Reserve your permit with a non-refundable deposit of $300 USD per person.
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