Peru High Lights


For this program we have included the sites that you must experience while in Peru, from museums where you'll have a great introduction to the Peruvian Archeology, to cities with hundreds of years of history, to Quechua communities with llama and alpaca farms and exquisite textiles, to marvelous Inca structures such as Machu Picchu.


Day 1 Arrive to Lima/Peru

Upon your arrival to the Lima airport you will be met by our representative to be transferred to your hotel.

Lunch and dinner at your expense.
Accommodations in Miraflores at sea level.
Hotel Jose Antonio or similar.

Day 2: Lima City tour

A guided tour of the Larco Herrera Museum is a great introduction to Peru before the Inca's landscape. Here you'll see an exquisite collection of portrait pottery, an outstanding display of the richness of gold, silver and precious stones of the Andean world, and the beauty and durability of metals that gave adornments and artifacts an almost divine value. After a great learning experience, we will drive to downtown Lima to explore by foot a city that is a UNESCO site. We'll see the beautiful San Francis of Assisi Convent, with unique catacombs and afterwards we'll explore the colonial main square were our government palace is located. Here sit the most important buildings and unique balconies are part of the charm of downtown.

Lunch and dinner at your expense.
Accommodations in Miraflores at sea level.
Hotel Jose Antonio or similar.

Day 3: Fly to Cusco and drive to the Sacred Valley

On this day you'll receive transfer to the Lima airport for a domestic and scenic flight to Cusco, on which you'll be gifted with wonderful views of the Andes. Upon landing you will be met by our local guide at the Cusco airport to be transferred to a lower altitude in the Sacred Valley by private coach. On the route to the hotel you will visit classic Inca ruins perched on a hill top in Pisac, where the western side is a gorge with vertical walls that house Incan burial sites on its sheer face, and on its eastern side lays a very fertile valley, along with well-preserved Incan farming terraces. Way up on the crest of the mountain there are hanging stairs and Incan "condos", surrounded by awesome views. Following our visit to the archeological site in Pisac we will drive down to Urubamba.

Lunch included.
Dinner at your expense.
Accommodations in Urubamba at 9,500 ft./2,896 m.
Hotel San Agustin Recoleta or similar.

Day 4: Off the beaten path Sacred Valley tour, Accha Alta weavers with alpaca and llama farms, and Ollantaytambo ruins

Today we'll will interact with and enjoy a presentation by the Quechua weavers of the community of Accha Alta. Nestled on a steep mountain slope close to the ruins of Ancasmarca, this is an ancient Incan citadel with an extraordinary view. An expert weaver will introduce to us the villagers that knit and weave in natural Alpaca wool. Their textiles are characterized by thin sections of plain weave and wide ley (supplementary warp technique) designs. One of the most popular ley designs is wasqa qocha, or long lakes. Knitters in Accha Alta use a unique technique called bolitas to create diamond patterns in small bobbles. Before starting their chullo, a knitter ties thousands of small knots into their yarn, which as they knit turn into the decorative bobbles on the outside of the chullo. After our close-up with the alpacas and llamas we'll return to the Sacred Valley for lunch. Following lunch, we'll walk through the marvel of Ollantaytambo, a superbly preserved Inca town named in honor of an Inca warrior called Ollantay. Here we'll witness an exquisite example of Incan stonework: the unique Sun Temple made out of pink granite boulders each weighing 50 tons.

Lunch included.
Dinner at your expense.
Accommodations in Urubamba at 9,500 ft./2,896 m.
Hotel Taypikala or similar.

Day 5: An afternoon tour of Machu Picchu

This day we'll take it easy on a train that follows the dramatic Urubamba River with its striking scenery of white granite cliffs cloaked by the cloud forest full of thousands of orchids, ferns and bromeliads. Machu Picchu is the only major Incan site to escape 400 years of looting and destruction by the Spanish conquistadors. To be sure, it is not an ordinary Incan settlement; it sits on a nearly inaccessible location high above the Urubamba gorge and contains exquisite engineering and architecture. Was it a spiritual destination and pilgrimage center located within a sacred geography? Or perhaps a royal retreat for the king, Inka Pachacutec? Or maybe the biggest or the first agricultural research center built by the Incans? Whatever its purpose may have been, you will have a chance to explore every corner of the majestic Machu Picchu as we'll stay until the park rangers kick us out.

Lunch included.
Dinner at your expense.
Accommodations in Aguas Calientes at 6,700 ft./2,042 m.
Hotel Casa Andina or similar.

Day 6: Surroundings of Machu Picchu and optional climb to Waynapicchu

In the morning you will return to one of the most amazing sites on the world, but this time to explore the surrounding areas like the Sun Gate, the Inca bridge (a very easy walk), or you may prefer to be a bit more challenged and climb Waynapicchu, a most iconic mountain. This is based on the number available of permits, and the climb will be around 1,000 ft. Here you'll see hanging terraces that were once suspended gardens full of orchids dedicated to the one of the most import deities, the sun. Or you can choose to soak up the sun once again at Machu Picchu. In the afternoon we return to Cusco.

Lunch included.
Dinner at your expense.
Accommodations in Cusco City at 11,000 ft./3,400 m.
Hotel Casa Andina standard or similar.

Day 7: Walking tour of Cusco city, the navel of the world

The city of Cusco, known as the home and residence of gods and the spiritual and political capital of the Incan Empire is a city built in the shape of a puma that can only be seen from the air. You will walk through Incan streets that are illuminated by the sun every winter solstice, and experience some of the most important Incan and Spanish religious sites, such as Qorikancha, also known as the Golden Enclosure, which displays a sophisticated stone construction technology, and Cusco Cathedral, which is still in use today and contains an art gallery consisting of 17th-century canvasses in the Cusco School of painting, with a special highlight consisting of 'The Last Supper' featuring a guinea pig. You will have the rest of the day to support the local economy at the unique galleries or at the handicraft markets.

Lunch included.
Dinner at your expense.
Accommodations in Cusco City at 11,000 ft./3,400 m.
Hotel Casa Andina standard or similar.

Day 8: Tipon, Vinocanchon famers market, Sacsayhuaman & Quencco

We start our day by going up to Tipon, a masterpiece of water management and a ceremonial place dedicated to the womb of mother earth. Because the waterworks were constructed as part of a country estate for Incan nobility, Tipon has beautiful stone structures built in the imperial Incan style of finely cut stone fountains and is akin to those at Machu Picchu. The intricate baths and irrigation channels still function five centuries after the Spanish conquest, which provides Tipon with an endless, soothing soundtrack of running water. After lunch we will explore Sacsayhuaman by foot, an Incan fortress 400 ft./120m above the city of Cusco. The site was built with massive boulders, some of which weigh more than 100 tons. Interestingly, the Spaniards did not believe that such monolithic stones could be moved by human beings and they attributed Sacsayhuaman's construction to the mythical Cyclops. Thus, this type of architecture is known as the "Cyclopean Inca style". We will also visit Quencco, a temple dedicated to the womb of mother earth and to medicine.

Lunch included.
Dinner at your expense.
Accommodations in Cusco City at 11,000 ft./3,400 m.
Hotel Costa del Sol Ramada or similar.

Day 9: Depart for home or choose to extend your trip

Depending on the time of your international flight departure, there will be a chance in the morning for shopping, or you'll take an afternoon flight to Lima for your international connection. You may also choose to take advantage of one of our optional post-trip extensions at this point.


  • Easy to moderate sightseeing and walking tours.
  • Some days will be physically active with high altitude and on rough terrain.
  • On the first day at Machu Picchu you will have the option to hike on the Inca Trail.
  • The Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu tours, and the sightseeing tours involves stairs.
  • Highest altitude along the trip is 12,930 ft./3,942 m.
  • 2 days spent visiting Machu Picchu, each day includes 3 to 4 hours at the site.


    Hotels in the Sacred Valley are strategically located so that you may explore more on your own, while hotels in Cusco and Lima are located near various restaurants, museums, shopping places, and bars. They are not luxury, but they are not basic either. They have all the amenities that an adventure traveler like you might need, and they are charming.

  • Based on double occupancy.
  • 2 nights in Lima at Jose Antonio or similar.
  • 2 nights in the Sacred Valley at Taypikala or similar.
  • 1 night in Machu Picchu at Casa Andina or similar with the option to upgrade.
  • 3 nights in Cusco at Casa Andina standard or similar with the option to upgrade.


    Per person in double occupancy.
    $ 1,695 US 6 People to +
    $ 1,840 US 4 People to +
    $ 2,050 US 3 People.
    $ 2,445 US 2 People.

    $ 440 US Single suplement
    Ask for our group quotes

    Included with price

  • 8 nights of hotels with breakfast included.
  • All entrance fees to sites mentioned above on the itinerary.
  • 2 days spent visiting Machu Picchu, each day includes 3 to 4 hours at the site.
  • Expert tour leader fluent in English.
  • All meals as mentioned above on the itinerary.
  • All land transportation in private coach.
  • Tourism train shuttle.
  • Shuttle bus in Machu Picchu for both days.
  • Arrival and departure transfers, within Lima.
  • Not included with the price.

  • International and domestic air tickets.
  • Travel and health insurance.
  • Single accommodation (available on request).
  • Visas or vaccinations.
  • Tips for staff.
  • Meals that are not indicated above on the itinerary.


    Reserve your permit with a non-refundable deposit of $300 USD per person.
    To reserve, send an email to


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