The Lake Titicaca Adventure


The Lake Titicaca Adventure is designed to show the very best of the birth place of the Inka empire in just 2 days whether you decide to flight or take the bus exploring unique sites along the route of the sun on the way to Lake Titicaca.
On the Lake Titicaca we use fast boat in shared basis in order to maximize your time on the floating islands and on the Takile island, we explore Takile island with a hike.


Day 1: Cusco to Lake Titicaca

On the route to Lake Titicaca, our first stop is at the Sistine Chapel of the Andes, a beautiful Baroque church that married Spanish design with indigenous culture. Christian figures are arranged in ways that reflect Inca ideas of the cosmos; in the Annunciation scene painted in the chir, a hole in the wall represents the Holy Spirit and allows the sun to shine through. Teams of itinerant Andean painters created the works largely in the 17th and 18th centuries. Murals were seen as an effective way to overcome language barriers to evangelize the Quechua-Andean population. At the church's entrance, a busy tableau, inspired by the inferno, features a soul-eating monster breathing fire in hell, while angels in heaven guard against demons. After this church visit, we will continue our drive to the archeological site of Raqchi, a temple built by the Incas and dedicated to their creator of the universe. In the evening we will drive across the scenic Altiplano out to Lake Titicaca in Puno. At 13,000-14,000 ft., the Altiplana-Puna Plateau is the highest plateau associated with abundant magmatism and is the second largest after the Tibetan Plateau in height and reach.
NOTE: If you decide to fly to Lake Titicaca, you will be transferred from your Cusco hotel to the airport. After you arrive at the Juliaca airport you will be picked up by our local guides for your tour of the burial site of Sillustani. These ancient burial towers are located near Puno on the top of a windy hilltop which boasts beautiful views overlooking Lake Umayo, whose waters local legend claims are enchanted. The Chullpas are stone burial towers, up to 12mt./40ft. in height, where mummies were housed to await rebirth. They're recognizable by their uncommon shape, which is narrower at the base and wider at the top. The towers each held a family unit and were probably limited to noble families. Many of the tombs have suffered damage by grave robbers, who used dynamite to open them.

Included lunch, dinner on your expense .
Location: Puno/Lake Titicaca 3,8020mt./12,520ft. above sea level.
Hotel hacienda Plaza with a choice to upgrade..

Day 2: The floating reed islands of Uros and Takile

On this day we visit the floating islands of the Uros and Taquile Island. We'll arrive at our first stop by a shared boat ride on the highest navigable lake in the world. The community that lives on these artificial, floating islands made of reeds (totora) is both surreal and incredible. Despite outside influences, they have maintained their traditional culture, and you will not be disappointed by your experience if you accept the fact that visiting the Uros Islands is a commercial venture focused entirely on supporting tourism, as this is the reason that we still have the art of making these islands out of reeds. Without tourist dollars, we would only be able to see pictures of how people used to live on these reed islands. The people of Taquile are known for their fine handwoven textiles and clothing, which are regarded as among the highest quality in Peru. Knitting is exclusively done by males, starting at age eight. Women exclusively spin yarn and weave. Their textiles are protected by UNESCO. After this incredible visit you will continue the boat ride to Takile Island, a UNESCO site, which is known for its unique textile art. Visiting here is like going back in time as the island is covered with sandstone terraces constructed a couple of thousand of years ago by Tiahuanaco. Tourism here is strictly controlled by the island elders to maintain the island's culture. They also make sure that trails are in excellent condition, because the only way to move around is by foot. In the afternoon we'll return back to main land and transfer to the airport for your flight to Lima.

Included lunch, dinner on your expense
Optional hotel at Lima airport or near.


  • Moderately active walking & hiking days over 12500ft.
  • A drive across the Andes in a very comfortable coach like 387km/240miles.
  • Will Navigate the Lake Titicaca on a fast boat.
  • The hike on Takile Island is physically active with in altitude.
  • Highest altitude at 3,940mt./12900ft.
  • Highest altitude if you drive 4330mt/14200ft.


    The hotels that we use for one night are located on the main square of Puno city which gives you a great opportunity to explore on your own the colorful markets, like the witches' market of Laikakota or the general Buena dia Market where you can see from guinea pigs to exotic fruits and a great diversity of quinoa. If you will rather choose a peaceful option, we can upgrade to a hotel near to the Lake Titicaca with outstanding views.

  • In double occupancy.
  • 1- night in Puno at Hacienda Plaza or we can upgrade
  • Wyndham Lima airport hotel available for an extra cost.


    Per person in double occupancy.
    $ 297 US 6 People to +
    $ 325 US 4 People to +
    $ 368 US 3 People.
    $ 466 US 2 People.

    $ 30 US Single suplement
    Ask for our group quotes

    Included with price

  • 1 night of hotel with included breakfast.
  • One day tour on the Lake Titicaca on fast on shared baisis.
  • All Land transportation in private coach.
  • Expert tour leader/guide, with fluent English.
  • All meals mentioned above on the itinerary.
  • Not included with the price.

  • International and domestic air tickets.
  • Travel and health insurance.
  • Single accommodation (available on request)
  • Visas or vaccinations.
  • Tips for staff.
  • Meals that are not indicated above on the itinerary.


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