The Majestic RainForest


This tour includes a four-day exploration of Tambopata National Reserve. Traveling through the forest lake system by canoe or along narrow trails is a marvelous experience. Much of the area's abundant fauna lives on or near water sources. Aside from many of the more than 500 species of birds recorded in the Reserve, the lakes are home to giant otters and black caiman. Formed by over 1400 individual plant species, the forests are also home to 13 species of monkeys, 1,200 species of butterflies, 60 kinds of amphibians and more than 100 types of mammals, with the solitary jaguar dominating an infinitely complex food chain. This trip also offers a unique opportunity to experience mammal and macaw clay licks. When traveling on rivers we use fast, non-polluting launches made from fiberglass. No ancient trees are cut down to make our boats and we are able to cover long distances and show you more of the forest during your stay.


Day 1: River journey to Tambopata Eco Lodge

Once we leave behind the jungle town of Puerto Maldonado (23 km by vehicle, 45 km by boat), the vegetation will change from colonized deforested areas to virgin rainforest. After you've had time to settle in at the eco lodge, one of our naturalist guides will invite you to explore the trails in the surrounding forest. Frequently seen fauna on these trails includes saddle-back tamarinds, brown capuchins, agoutis, blue-morpho butterflies, trogons, toucans and many other bird species. After dinner we will take a night walk in search of nocturnal rainforest species.

Lunch & dinner included.
Overnight in Tambopata National Reserve.
Tambopata Eco lodge.

Day 2: Bird and mammal clay licks

After an early breakfast, we will board our launch for the 9-kilometer ride upriver to the trailhead. We will spend an hour walking this trail, with plenty of time to observe Amazon flora and fauna along the way. At the clay lick, we will await the arrival of the white-lipped peccaries that tend to gather here to feed on mineral deposits. Moving on through the forest, we will continue to El Gato macaw lick, where in the early morning groups of scarlet and red-and-green macaws often gather to feed on clay deposits. After plenty of time to observe birds, we will return to the river via another forest trail and take the launch back to the lodge in time for lunch. On the trails it is possible to see howler monkeys, capuchin monkeys and squirrel monkeys. After lunch, guests can choose from a number of options, including: exploring the trails around the eco lodge, visiting a nearby forest farm, swimming in a stream that flows close to the lodge, or relaxing and enjoying the facilities of the eco lodge. In the evening after meeting in the bar for a brief talk given by our guides, we will return to the river in search of nocturnal fauna, including the fascinating caiman. We will search for caiman using flashlights to pick out their "eye shine" as they hunt along the river banks (read more about caimans here).

All meals included.
Overnight in Tambopata National Reserve.
Tambopata Eco lodge.

Day 3: Hike to Lake Sachavacayoc

After a short boat ride downriver, we will hike a forest trail to a spectacular lake. During the walk you will be introduced by your guide to more aspects of the forest and its fauna. At the lake it is possible to spot black caimans and giant otters (read more about giant river otters here). We will return to the eco lodge for lunch, and you will have the afternoon free for relaxation and swimming.

All meals included.
Overnight in Tambopata National Reserve.
Tambopata Eco lodge.

Day 4: Return flight

Your stay in the Amazon basin ends with a magical early morning return by the river. This is an excellent time of day for wildlife observation as the forest awakens. You will then head for your flight back to Cusco or to Lima.

Included Breakfast.
Lunch and dinner on your own expense.


  • Moderately active walking & hiking days and sightseeing.
  • Will navigate along the Madre Dios river in the Amazon basin.
  • Some days will be physically active with muddy trails.
  • Early morning activities.
  • Medication to prevent malaria and yellow fever.
  • Lodges whit limited electricity.


    The location of the lodge offers easy access to the wildlife habitats of the tropical forest and the extraordinary biodiversity of Tambopata National Reserve. Being deep in the forest and close to natural oxbow lake ecosystems means that the most remarkable attractions of the South American rainforest can be reached easily in half-day or full-day excursions, while evenings can be spent relaxing and enjoying our standard hotel accommodation, restaurant, and bar services. At Tambopata Eco Lodge a visit to unspoiled tropical forest habitats does not mean enduring discomfort. We offer our guests excellent lodge accommodation, with hotel-style comfort, infrastructure, facilities and food.

  • In double occupancy.
  • 3 nights at the lodge.


    Per person in double occupancy.

    $ 824 US 2 or more People

    Single room $ 1,005 US

    Included with price

  • All meals mentioned above on the itinerary.
  • All land and water transportation we share with other guest.
  • All excursions are guided by naturalist guide.
  • Entrance fee to Tambopata National Reserve.
  • Not included with the price.

  • Domestic air tickets.
  • Laundry and bar bills.
  • Travel and health insurance.
  • Tips for staff at the lodge.


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