Ausangate Llama Trek


The llama trek expedition goes along the Ausangate mountain. Although not as popular as the classic Inka Trail, this is a stunning trek through the wildest and most rarely visited areas of Peru. The trek is one of the quietest in the region and you'll likely not see another trekker. The expedition begins with comfy overnights in hotels in an excellent location, tours of the wonders of Cusco, acclimatization hikes in the marvelous sacred valley, and visits to fascinating archaeological sites between Cusco, Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu. You will hike the astonishing one-day Inca trail to Machu Picchu before the trek to enjoy in its full glory one of the wonders of the world. The trekking takes place at high altitude and the terrain will change from steep stairs at the beginning of the expedition to lose gravel, then swampy to rugged trails in the Ausangate region. Our campsites are focused on your comfort and safety with high quality tents. We are equipped with oxygen tanks, satellite mobile phone, first-aid, etc. with highly trained staff. Our campsite is near colorful glacier lakes


Day 1: Arrive in Cusco and walking tour

The city of Cusco, known as the home and residence of gods and the spiritual and political capital of the Incan Empire is a city built in the shape of a puma that can only be seen from the air. You will walk through Incan streets that are illuminated by the sun every winter solstice, and experience some of the most important Incan and Spanish religious sites, such as Qorikancha, also known as the Golden Enclosure, which displays a sophisticated stone construction technology, and Cusco Cathedral, which is still in use today and contains an art gallery consisting of 17th-century canvasses in the Cusco School of painting, with a special highlight consisting of 'The Last Supper' featuring a guinea pig.

Lunch and dinner on your own
Accommodations in Cusco city at 11,000feet/3,350meters.
Hotel Yahuar or similar.

Day 2: Sacsayhuaman and local huacas (holy places)

We will drive above the city of Cusco to Tambomachay, a ritual site dedicated to the water. After the visit we will start our hike back to see Sacsayhuaman, an Incan fortress 400 ft./120m above the city of Cusco. The site was built with massive boulders, some of which weigh more than 100 tons. Interestingly, the Spaniards did not believe that such monolithic stones could be moved by human beings and they attributed Sacsayhuaman's construction to the mythical Cyclops. Thus, this type of architecture is known as the "Cyclopean Inca style".

Included Lunch and dinner on your own.
Accommodations in Cusco city at 11,000feet/3,350 meters.
Hotel Yahuar or similar.

Day 3: Sacred Valley tour, Pisac and Ollantaytambo

Preparing for the high-altitude hike, your first encounter with an Inka trail will be today. You will visit classic Inca ruins perched on a hill top in Pisac, where the western side is a gorge with vertical walls that house Incan burial sites on its sheer face, and on its eastern side lays a very fertile valley, along with well-preserved Incan farming terraces. Way up on the crest of the mountain there are hanging stairs and Incan "condos", surrounded by awesome views. After lunch we will visit Ollantaytambo in Urubamba to witness an exquisite example of Incan stonework: the unique Sun Temple made out of pink granite boulders each weighing 50 tons and is an exquisite example of Inka stonework that was almost finished when the work was interrupted by the Spaniards' guns, germs and steel. We will walk through the marvels of a superbly preserved Incan town named in honor of an Incan warrior called Ollantay, who was deeply in love with Kusi Qoyllur, the forbidden and "high maintenance" daughter of King Inka Pachacutec.

Included Lunch.
Dinner on your own.
Accommodations in Ollantaytambo at 9315ft/2840mt.
Hotel Tunupa or similar.

Day 4: One day Classic Inka Trail to Machu Picchu

The train we will take on this day follows the dramatic Urubamba River with its striking scenery of white granite cliffs cloaked by a cloud forest full of thousands of orchids, ferns and bromeliads. We will hike a classic Incan trail in the cloud forest, passing through the exceptional ruins of Wiñay Huayna and through the Sun Gate Pass at 2,750 m/9,000 ft. This is truly one of the world's most thrilling viewpoints and the only way to see Machu Picchu in its full glory. You will have a chance to stay to enjoy the sunset until the park rangers close the park to visitors.

Included Box lunch.
Dinner on your own.
Accommodations in Aguas Calientes.
Distance: 7.5 miles.

Day 5: Machu Picchu guided tour

Today we'll have a 3 to 4 hour guided tour of Machu Picchu, the only major Incan site to escape 400 years of looting and destruction by the Spanish conquistadors. To be sure, it is not an ordinary Incan settlement; it sits on a nearly inaccessible location high above the Urubamba gorge and contains exquisite engineering and architecture. Was it a spiritual destination and pilgrimage center located within a sacred geography? Or perhaps a royal retreat for the king, Inka Pachacutec? Or maybe the biggest or the first agricultural research center built by the Incans? Whatever its purpose may have been, you will have a chance to explore every corner of the majestic Machu Picchu. In the afternoon will take the train back to Ollantaytambo and drive up to Chinchero for our overnight stay.

Included lunch & dinner.
Accommodations in Chinchero at 12,130feet/3,700meters.
Casa de Barro Lodge or Similar.

Day 6: Trek to Lake Singrenacocha

We'll take a scenic drive to the trailhead at Mallma where we'll meet our llamas and horses who will carry all of our our equipment to our campsite. The trek will be along Quechua communities with very deep Inca traditions. Alpaca and llama farmers, they still design most of their daily clothing making them very colorful. Our trek chef will provide our daily delicious meals in our dining tent. Our campsite is on the shores of Singrenacocha Lake, where locals believe that is named after the the mermaids that swim and live in it.

Included: breakfast | lunch | dinner.
Camp: Singrinacocha at 14,200 ft. 4,300mt.
Distance: 4.5 miles/7 km.

Day 7: Trek to Armacocha

We'll enjoy a spectacular sunrise on the Vilcanota range to start the morning, followed by our breakfast facing glaciers towering above 19,000 ft. Today we will start the hike along the shores of the most amazing turquoise colors of the lake. As we climb to the pass the wild life of the high Andes will remind us of how remote we are. Callangate Mountain and many other glaciers will host us after the pass and lead us to our campsite by another glacier lake.

Included: breakfast | lunch | dinner.
Camp: Armacocha at 14,800 ft. /4500mt.
Distance: 4.5millas/6.7km.

Day 8: To Trek to Otorongo Lake & Azulcocha

Today we will start our trek on a trail used very little by trekkers and usually used by people searching for gold in the near Tres Picos Mountains. We will cover 2 high passes with steep climbs. Otorongo Lake is highly used by new healers for their initiations.

Included: breakfast | lunch | dinner.
Camp: Azulcocha at 15200 ft.
Distance: 6miles.

Day 9: Trek across Ccampa Pass 16700ft.

A very early start today, after trekking for few days parallel to the Vilcanota range today will go across the range with a trek into the thin air and a close up to the glaciers, will camp at the alpaca farmers Village of Killita.

Included: breakfast | lunch | dinner
Camp: Killita at 15,500ft.
Distance:10 miles.

Day 10: Trek to Cabesera Sibina, highest camp site.

A day entirely dominated by our hosted the Alpacas and llamas, a challenging day to trek across Vicuña pass with 17,100ft. usually we see Vicuñas grazing along the pass, with dominating views of Ausangate Mountain with 20,940ft. and the enormous lake of Sibinacocha that never ever freezes at almost 16,000ft. our campsite is often visited by Vicuñas (Vicuñas are related to llamas and alpacas as well to camels, they are consider as the smallest and fastest camels on earth, their wool is consider as the finest wool exclusively use by King during the time of the Inkas)

Best pictures taken of southern sky are from this campsite.
Included: breakfast | lunch | dinner
Camp: Cabesera Sibina at 16,300ft.
Distance: 7 miles.

Day 11: Trek to Ccasacaracocha.

A very surreal trekking day due the diversity of high Andean birds along the shores of the enormous body of water, a lake surrounded by glaciers, from flamingos to big groups of geese and many other birds enjoying the glory of food.
Our last Campsite is located by the shores of Ccascaracocha which has in amphitheater of snow picks over 19,000ft.

Included: breakfast | lunch | dinner
Camp: Ccascaracocha at 16,150ft.
Distance: 8 miles.

Day 12: Trek out of Vilcanota range and return to Cusco.

Today is our farewell trek from the Andes, after the superb views of the Vilcanota range will hike down to meet our bus to drive back to Cusco

Included: breakfast, and Lunch.
Dinner at your own expense.
Accommodations in Cusco city at 11,000feet/3,350meters.
Hotel Yahuar or similar.

Day 13: Departure to home

Morning for shopping (depending on your international flight departure time); afternoon flight to Lima for your international connection or connect to one of our post-trip extensions in Peru or to Bolivia.


  • Physically moderate to strenuous trekking days.
  • You must be moderately fit with some experience.
  • 72km/45miles/total distance of trekking days. (One day Inka Trail to Machupicchu and llama trek).
  • 1 day in trail trek + 6 days of trekking.
  • A day to explore Machupicchu with an option to climb Waynapicchu mountain.
  • 3 days prior the trek for acclimatization with sightseeing and hiking in Cusco and Sacred valley.
  • Highest altitude Palomani pass at 5125mt./16810ft.
  • Altitudes between 2440mt./8,000ft - 5125mt./16810ft.
  • Approximately 5 to 6 hours of hike every day.


  • In double occupancy.
  • Single supplement upon request.
  • 3-nights in Cusco at standard hotel with included breakfast (with a choice to upgrade).
  • 1-night in Ollantaytambo Sacred Valley.
  • 1-night at standard hotel in Machupicchu with included breakfast (with choice to upgrade).
  • 1-night lodge in Chinchero.
  • 6-nights in tents. (tents design for 4 people but we use only with 2 people).
  • Available bed preference.


    Per person in double occupancy.
    $ 2,180 US 6 People to +
    $ 2,500 US 4 People to +
    $ 2,770 US 3 People.
    $ 3,490 US 2 People.

    $ 260 US Single suplement
    Ask for our group quotes

    Included with price

  • No weight restriction for duffle bag.
  • Water to refill along the trek.
  • Wranglers with horses and llamas based on number of clients trekking. -One Cook.
  • Expert trekking tour leader/guide, a fluent English speaker.
  • All meals as indicated above on the itinerary.
  • All land transportation in private coach, tourism train shuttle bus in Machupicchu for both days.
  • Tourism train ticket.
  • Arrival and departure transfers, within Cusco.
  • All entrance fees to all mentioned sites above on the itinerary and your Inka trail permit.
  • Not included with the price

  • Travel and health insurance COMPULSORY.
  • Some meals that are indicated on itinerary.
  • Single room.
  • Sleeping bag (Available for rent North face Aleutian -20f/-29c).
  • Personal trekking gear.
  • Visas or vaccinations.
  • Tips for staff.
  • Bar bills, laundry, others.


    Reserve your permit with a non-refundable deposit of 300 US per person.
    Reserve to


    Communal camp gear including tables and camp chairs, dining tent, kitchen tent, trail duffel, sleeping pad (thermal rest mattress), water filter and other amenities. Spacious sleeping tents, design for 4 people but we use for 2 guests, they are made by Diamond brand.
    For porters; tents, sleeping pad, sleeping bag, etc.


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